Commencement 2020

General Information & Update

Congrats FTC and DAVE Graduates!

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Order Your Graduation Cap and Gown
Please visit Josten's website to order your Cap, Gown and Tassel. The combination set is $23.15 before shipping and handling. Purchasing a black cap and gown is not required if you already own one. You can also purchase one from a different source if you choose, as long as it is black. If you choose to use a different cap and gown you can order just the 2020 Tassel from the Josten’s website separately.

Honor Cords
Honor Cords will be sent to graduates with their diplomas. Please contact the Student Services Coordinator at your campus. Other cords and medals will be presented at the 2021 in-person ceremony.

Download the Josten's flyer


Diplomas are delivered to the campus 6-8 weeks from the date of graduation. Once we receive them, we will notify graduates to arrange for pick-up. However, we are aware that some may not be able to personally pick-up your diplomas. Therefore, Student Services Coordinators will be receiving your diplomas at the campus and will begin to package them and mailed to your homes. Please ensure that we have your accurate mailing address.

Update Your Contact Information

Students: If you have recently updated your home or mobile phone number, you will need to notify your campus Student Services Coordinator immediately.

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